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Kamis, 22 Januari 2009
Travel Tips : how to pack

Backpack Tips
To packing thing into a backpack you must place the heavier items on top and the lighter ones at the bottom. this method make you feel lighter to bring your bag. also, remember to place the important thing on top, visa, passport and the others.

Luggage Lock
Small, sturdy, combination locks are best for quick access to your luggage. keys get lost ; a simple combinatio number that you set is quick and easy, no fumbling for key, etc.

Flashlight Safety
when packing a flashlight, change the batteries into incorrect position, so that if on switch accidentally turned on, the flashlight will still off. upon needing the flaslight, just reverse the batteries into their correct position.

Cosmetic Bag
Use your cosmetic bag to Pack your Jawelry or small accessories in a folded. its to keep them in one place.

Prepare for Lost
If you are travelling with someone, pack half your clothes in his bag, and cary half in your luggage. then if one bag gets lost, you at least have half your things. believe me its works.

Carry-On for Important Items
put your important document in your carry-On bag, not in your luggage that you check through. that way if you gets lost you still have your medication and papers.

Zip-Lock the detergent
Use Zip-Lock bags for laundry detergent t save space, or you also can use a plastic bag to covering your detergent.

Enjoy your trips, see you in next travell tips.

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