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Holiday at Surfside beach

Hosting over 14.6 million visitors annually, The Grand Strand is home to an array of tourist attractions, and the area receives a large influx of visitors during the spring, summer and fall months, and "snowbirds" in the winter. Over ten million tourists visit Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas every year.
The area's attractions include its beaches and many golf courses, as well as a number of amusement parks, an aquarium, over 1,900 restaurants including seafood restaurants, and a number of shopping complexes.

Myrtle Beach has an estimated 460 hotels, with many on the beachfront, and approximately 89,000 accommodation units in total.
The area also has an IMAX theater, dinner theater, nightclubs, and many tourist shops. Other attractions include the Myrtle Beach State Park and fishing.
The area is also popular for business meetings and conventions.
The area recently welcomed Hard Rock Park, a park themed after the popular Hard Rock Cafe chain.
The park featured attractions themed after different genres of music, such as the British Invasion. Hard Rock Park was only open for the summer of 2008, afterwords filling for bankruptcy protection.

The park was sold, the buyer only acquiring the physical property, not the intellectual property, and was thus re-named Freestyle Music Park and re-opened on Memorial Day 2009. All of the rides remained, however the new owners were forced to re-name them. Also in the city is Myrtle Waves, one of the largest water parks on the eastern seaboard.

Broadway at the Beach is a popular shopping and entertainment destination.

Favorite Family Myrtle Beach Hotels Conveniently located near the center, the famous Myrtle Beach Accomodations has been entertaining Grand Strand and Myrtle Beach resort and hotel visitors for generations. With over hundreds well appointed units including one, two & three bedroom condominiums and Hundreds feet of oceanfront beach, Compass Cove is one of the largest Myrtle Beach resort hotels and offers a wide array of guest pleasing amenities.

There is always something to do. Check out attractions, water sports, nightlife & clubs, live shows & theaters, tours & sightseeing and other area Myrtle Beach amusement venues. shop until you drop at areal malls, factory outlets, and speciality stores.

you are bound ton find exactly what you're looking for at any of the hundreds of shops around town. looking for a luxurious and comfortable place? Myrtle Beach Accomodation include hotels, motels, resorts, condos, rentals, and campgrounds in the Myrtle Beach an Grand Strand Area.

Again, welcome to the City of Myrtle Beach. We hope you find this post enjoyable and useful.

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The Orang Rimba

The Orang Rimba ("Forest People"), or Suku Anak Dalam, are an indigenous Indonesian ethnic group that lives in Jambi. They live in the forest – in places such as Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park (TNBTP) and Bukit Duabelas National Park (TNBD) – but now, Orang Rimba who maintain their traditional lifestyle are found only in TNBD.

Very few of them are left. According to a survey conducted by KKI Warsi – a non-profit organization that has been assisting the Orang Rimba since 1997 – their population within TNBD is down to around 1500 persons, with no significant increase since then.

The main reason for their gradual disappearance is the conversion of their forests into production areas. This began in 1978, with the first massive wave of transmigrants into Jambi, and in 1991 a vast swathe of forest was converted into an industrial acacia plantation. Gradually, the Orang Rimba began moving into the transmigration areas, there to eke out a marginal existence; most of them now live in oil palm plantation areas rather than in natural forests.

In fact, the forest products that constitute their traditional livelihood are valuable assets. One forest product with strong export value, called jernang (Daemonorops sp.), or dragon blood, is useful for its resin. Jernang resin, a natural coloring material, is used in the marble, ceramic, woodworking, and porcelain industries, and is also a potent herbal medicine used to treat internal and external injuries. The Orang Rimba also grow jelutung trees, which provide raw material for chewing gum.

Yet most of the Orang Rimba have abandoned their traditional livelihoods, and those few who maintain it are engaged in a constant struggle to uphold their identity.

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Senin, 19 Oktober 2009
Yogyakarta : Becoming the Leader with Golden Wild Silk
Indonesia now has a perfect opportunity to catch up with those countries: Golden wild silk, the like of which is found nowhere else, is being seriously cultivated, and Indonesia may well take over from these more established silk producers.

Indonesia's seriousness about cultivating wild silk is evident from the increasing utilization of previously empty land. This can be seen, for example, in Karangtengah village, Yogyakarta. Once dry and barren, the area is now lush and green. Row after row of trees and seedlings have been planted to produce raw silk – cashew, soursop, avocado, mahogany, and other species.

Raw silk cultivation in Karangtengah is being developed by the Yayasan Royal Silk foundation (Yarsilk) to produce gold thread and various handicrafts. In the area, covering dozens of hectares, they are concentrating on breeding two varieties of wild silk moth: Attacks Atlas (brown wild silk moth) and Circular (golden wild silk moth). In fact, Indonesia has over 25 species of wild silk moth, but the primadonna is the golden wild silk moth.

Since it was learned that there are so many varieties of wild silkworms, especially in Yogyakarta–through research and discovery assisted by Professor Hiromu Akai, who has served for 20 years as President of the International Wild Silk Moth Society, in cooperation with Gadjah Mada University, which led him to declare that this type of golden wild silk moth has not been found in any other countries. Enthusiasm for silk moth cultivation has been tremendous. Indonesia was granted the opportunity to attend the Second World Silk Moth Conference in Hotaka, Japan (the first was in China and the third in India), to observe how the world's major silk players such as China, India, Thailand and Japan produce such good silk.

After gaining confidence, Indonesia was then honored to serve as host for the fourth world conference, in Yogyakarta in 2002. At this event, golden wild silk was promoted and attracted enormous attention, particularly from the senior players in the silk industry.

Based on the outcome of this conference, Yogyakarta began to pay greater attention to this tremendous potential; many farmers have started to cultivate wild silk moths, which they had previously regarded merely as harmful agricultural pests. Yarsilk, founded in 1998, has guided farmers to develop their silk moth

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Gold Coin For Your Investment

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