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Sabtu, 21 Februari 2009
Travel Destination : Nicaragua
Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America and its have some lakes and volcanoes. Largest but most sparsely populated of the Central American nations, Nicaragua borders on Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south. Nicaragua is mountainous in the west, with fertile valleys. Two big lakes, Nicaragua and Managua, are connected by the Tipitapa River. The Pacific coast is volcanic and very fertile.

Nicaragua have a famaous beach in San Juan Del Sur, San Juan Is a joyful merging of culture. its a small town lifestyle is centered around the sea. most of sanjuan resident make their living from fishing or managing dive and snorkel tour. if you interested to go to nicaragua dont worry to find a place to stay Granada Nicaragua Vacation Rental provided it for you.

Tourism in Nicaragua is increase well, tourism has grown about 70%. it has postive growth in the tourism sector. local government had effort to make tourist feel free and comfort enjoying their vacation. during your time in San Juan you can stay at San Juan del Sur Hotel. Or if you interested to stay and live in Nicaragua for long time please come to Nicaragua real estate.
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